Our Companies

Kovo offers recurring revenue contracts and software for more than 1,700 United States healthcare providers. Browse our directory of recently acquired companies.

Kairos Billing Solutions

Founded in 2014, Kairos Billing is an innovative Utah-based digital medical billing provider that specializes in mental health billing solutions. They serve therapists, psychiatrists, and psychiatric nurse practitioners.


E&A Medical Billing Service and Software

E&A Medical Billing has assisted the physician community with their billing and insurance needs since 1984. They optimize your reimbursements through a professional, knowledgeable team of experts.


Cvikota MBS

Cvikota MBS, a USA based medical billing company, has been in the business of revenue cycle management for over 50 years. Through five decades they have carefully developed their best practices to provide attentive, boutique-level medical billing services while offering outstanding value.


RPM Billing

RPM Billing has decades of experience providing medical revenue cycle management and billing services for numerous hospitals and physician specialties, including mental health and all management systems and software. They deliver industry-leading bottom-line results and great customer service.



MedWorxs is an International leader in inpatient and ambulatory software solutions. Their cloud-based technology is modern in design, delivering the right features to help your organization meet regulatory commitments, reduce costs and errors, and improve the quality of care.


Midwest Medical Billing

Midwest Medical Billing Service partners with clients to offer transparent insurance claims billing services. From physical therapy to hearing specialists and more, their web-based software allows organizations to access practice reports anytime.