We acquire healthcare Billing-as-a-Service businesses and systems.

Using our team’s experience in healthcare and proprietary OneRev technology, we optimize revenue and efficiency within acquired US-based businesses. Find us on the Toronto Venture Exchange under KOVO.

About Our Business

Kovo HealthTech Corporation is a growing healthcare technology company specializing in Billing-as-a-Service (BAAS). We offer SaaS-style recurring revenue contracts and software for more than 1,700 United States healthcare providers, servicing approximately 3.5 million patients.

Kovo helps healthcare providers digitally track and manage complex patient care registration, services, billing, and payments seamlessly, using its proprietary OneRev technology platform.

Watch Kovo CFO Inder Saini discuss the company’s healthcare Billing-as-a-Service business model, technology, acquisition strategy, and growth vision.


Investor Calls

2021 Annual Financial Results Investor Call
April 2022

Third Quarter Financial Results Investor Call
November 2021

Second Quarter Financial Results Investor Call
August 2021

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