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Kovo is a leader in healthcare technology & Billing-as-a-Service. We acquire and grow medical billing businesses and systems.

Our strategy is to build accretive growth through acquisitions — leveraging Kovo’s patented patient engagement technology and advanced KovoCloud platform — to optimize efficiencies for healthcare providers and their patients.

Powering the Digital Healthcare Transformation

Combined, Kovo subsidiaries process over $80 million annually in medical billing claims and service approximately 3.5 million patients. We’ve proven our growth model with ten successful acquisitions to date.

Servicing More Than 1,700 Healthcare Providers

With our 20-year track record and proprietary technology, we help healthcare providers digitally track and manage complex patient care registration, services, billing, and payments seamlessly.

Expanding Opportunities for Operators

It’s challenging for clinics to run billing in-house. We solve the administrative burden and optimize a provider’s revenue and efficiency by leveraging our processing team and customized technology.

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